Fonda La Chilanga

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Fonda La Chilanga
Fonda La Chilanga

I saw a post on a local Facebook group about the restaurant in Centro, ‘Fonda La Chilanga’.  Not having been there before I did a little research and found that it was just a couple of blocks further from me than my local supermarket, Ley Express.  So today, needing to do a grocery run, I added a stop at Fonda La Chilanga for a bite to eat.

The restaurant is located at Carvajal 2501, just off of Av. Juan Carrasco and pretty easy to spot.  The interior is bright and cheery with some fun artwork.

Fonda La Chilanga

Fonda La Chilanga

Fonda La Chilanga

I’m posting the menu that appears on their Facebook page (, but I received one that had a couple of more pages.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of those pages.

Fonda La Chilanga Menu 2

Fonda La Chilanga Menu 1

I have a fondness of the food from México City, especially quesadillas de chicharrón.  My favorite spot in CDMX sold giant ones on flour tortillas and offered a ragout of onion, peppers, and tomato to adorn it.  Fonda La Chilanga’s quesadillas aren’t that type – but they still are tasty and worthy of the $30 peso price.  I will say that they would benefit from the ragout I used to get in CDMX, but still – these are solid and tasty.  Served with both a green and a red salsa; each just a touch spicy to my palate (your mileage may vary).  Beverages consisted of Coke or Apple soda.  I went with Coke, but I think perhaps next time I’ll just drink the water I carry with me.

Fonda La Chilanga Quesadillas de Chicharrón
Fonda La Chilanga Quesadillas de Chicharrón y Queso

Total check, before tip, was $85 pesos.  Two quesadillas with cheese + chicharrón and one coke.  Decent price for a filling lunch.  I do see items on their Facebook page that aren’t on their menu, so I think perhaps they offer specials from time to time.  I will definitely have to ask on my next visit!  I’d give them three and a half stars out of five.  Beverages are too limited, no tasty ragout for the quesadillas, and a dirty knife being the reason.  They’d hit four if they had jamaica or horchata, and five if they had the ragout.

Fonda La Chilanga; Av. Carvajal #2501, Centro

Hours 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday through Sunday.

Delivery through Rappi and others available.

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