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Friday 22 April, 2022
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with a touch of humor and to the rhythm of tropical music, stage director Luis Martín Solís proposes to rethink human evil not to justify it but to understand how we live in it. He makes it through the show Intimate murderer, confessions of an old ladywhere salsa, cumbia and mambo are combined with irony, to recount one of the most impressive dramatic lives in the country’s recent history: the serial killer Juana Barraza Samperio.

The showwithout defending crime, is part of a multimedia project that also includes a audio series who created for Storytel the writer Bernardo Esquinca, who later published the printed version with the independent publisher Almadía.

The theatrical proposal produced by Artistic Contents takes as a reference the audio series that tells the story of a woman who at the time of becoming one of the cruelest criminals in México City at the beginning of the 21st century, was a professional fighter, rude at heart, loving mother and victim of violence of gender in the country.

From the format of monologue and the music live with the orchestra La Mariposa del Silencio and the sonidera Joyce Musicolor MX Power Cucucumbiero, the show will premiere on May 12 at the Los Ángeles room, with a stage proposal that will end in a dance between the actors, musicians and spectators.

“The red note, crime, is on all communication platforms, in the television, cinema, the press, because there is a need on the part of the public to know these stories and they serve to vent the situation we are experiencing”, he explains in an interview with The Sun of México Luis Martín Solís, who was also in charge of making the adaptation theatrical.

“In this case she is a special character because we are talking about the first serial killer in México and it was a case that shook public opinion a lot because it is a story that allows us to keep an eye on justice in México that is full of chiaroscuro, we do not say whether he is guilty or not, we do not judge, but we do say that justice responds to a series of circumstances”, says the director.

“In this case, to get away from the formats of the novel, we decided to make an issue with music to give it a more playful character because if we present it in such a realistic way as well as being suffocating, it ceases to have an effect. So humor and dance allow us to analyze human nature and we make it tropicalized to give it a different flavor,” Solís described in an interview.

Participating on stage are the actresses Marissa Saavedra and Astrid Mariel Romo and actor Mauricio Moreno each play five or six characters, including a detective and a reporter, to cover as many scenes as possible in the murderer’s story without falling into a two-hour dramatic montage. .

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“If we go to these cruel referents, we see how crime works in México and justice, but we wanted to put music of national elements and we resorted to different pieces written with a touch and a comic flavor to play with the material and in the end we ended up with a dance”, he added.

Solís announced that after the premiere at the Los Angeles Hall, he will do a version without a live orchestra, to take the show to cultural festivals and even fairs book around the country, he also plans to perform in the United States.

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