“That’s not normal”: Senator reveals that when she says she’s going to Sinaloa, people get scared

Saturday 21 May, 2022
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Written in SINALOA the 5/20/2022 12:00 p.m.

Culiacán, Sin.- “When I tell them I’m going to Sinaloa people get scared,” said the senator for Citizen movement, Indira Kempis during his visit to the capital of Sinaloa, when talking about the fact that the country has had a bad strategy for a decade to combat the violence  and to organized crime.

“Today we even say it with memes and with ridicule and with laughter, and with hugs says the President, but no, it is not healthy for a society to think that when I say that I am going to Sinaloa practically people get scared, yes of course, they get scared Of course, that’s not normal.”

At a press conference, prior to his meeting with militant women from Citizen movement the legislator assured that she does not feel such fear because you know that in Sinaloa Many good people live there, there is good music, food and healthy coexistence, however, he recognized that both in this federal entity and in all México there is an emergency and a crisis due to the murders of women and the general violence that is experienced.

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He argued that the femicides It is not a new problem, since they have been presenting themselves for years, but it is repeated today due to the negligence, impunity and corruption that exists in the justice system.

“Yes there is a crisis and a national emergency, we should be considering it that way and doing everything possible to solve it, for whatever is in our hands and it touches us, we have to do it, we have to treat it for what it is, for what it is. is representing,” he said.

He pointed out that in order to work on attacking this problem, they should not only focus on the edge of the delivery of justice, but also analyze the conditions that are allowing crimes against women to be committed and, based on this, work on the part of the of the authorities and civil society.

Luis and Rafael were drinking beers when several shots were heard and they fell dead in Culiacán

In that sense, he emphasized that many more mechanisms can be generated so that these can be prevented. crimes against women who are violated, even inside their homes, as well as seeking to work not only on the issue of security, but also on parity and working conditions for women.

Regarding the census of children of victims of femicide prone in some states, including in Sinaloa he legislator commented that it is opportune to have data to work on what follows after a crime against women is committed, but it must be made clear in these proposals how that information will be used.

On the other hand, on the political issue, the senator for Citizen movement He highlighted that they are convinced that they have the best project for 2024 because they make an alliance with the citizens.

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Source: Carola Rojo from Sinaloa – Línea Directa on 2022-05-20 06:00:01

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