The feminist activist and lawyer Cecilia Monzón is killed in Puebla

Sunday 22 May, 2022
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The feminist activist and lawyer Cecilia Monzón is killed in Puebla


The lawyer and activist Cecilia Monzón was murdered this Saturday morning by armed men while driving on Periférico Ecológico and Camino Real, in the municipality of San Pedro Cholula, Puebla.

The Secretary of Citizen Security of Puebla reported that, according to the first versions, two men on a motorcycle were following her from Periférico and the attack was direct.

Elements of the municipality’s Security Secretariat cordoned off the area, while personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office were notified to initiate the corresponding investigations.

Cecilia Monzón was a criminal lawyer, with experience in issues of gender perspective and gender-based political violence; feminist activist; and she also served in various public administration positions.

Monzón was a candidate by the Green Ecologist Party in 2018 for the municipal presidency of San Pedro Cholula and later joined the team of mayor Luis Alberto Arriaga as head of the Social Development Secretariat.

In 2019, when she held that position, Cecilia Monzón denounced the deputy Juan Espinosa and the municipal president of San Pedro, Luis Arriaga, for gender-based political violence.

Monzón also denounced the PRI member Jorge Estefan Chidiac for falsifying his signature in the 2018 electoral process. Yesterday, Cambio magazine reported that said complaint is frozen and without progress in the State Attorney General’s Office.

The events that occurred in that electoral year also involved political gender violence, since Estefan Chidiac, in her capacity as leader, maneuvered with the candidate for mayor of San Pedro Cholula, Eduardo Zacatelco Quintero, to remove Cecilia Monzón from the second council, according to the media .

Cecilia Monzón was the mother of a minor and handled hundreds of cases of women victims of family violence, who were fighting for the custody or alimony of their children.

One day before being murdered, she published that she went to the Puebla State Attorney General’s Office to ask about a personal case that had not been prosecuted for a month.

“Today I premiered my bracelet, it was only to enter @FiscaliaPuebla of gender to ask why “my folder of mine” has not been prosecuted for a month when it already has all the elements and that San Beni falls out, “he wrote.

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