“Anything can happen here, worse things will be seen”: Gene foresees more changes in the State Government

Tuesday 24 May, 2022
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Written in SINALOA the 5/23/2022 4:03 p.m.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- There is talk of several secretaries Y secretaries that they are still on the tightrope and although the Governor from Sinaloa, Ruben Rocha Moya has commented that there will be no more exits, here anything can happen and as the bible says ‘worse things will be seen’, said the President of the Board of Directors, Gene René Bojórquez Ruiz.

He considered that there should be movements, and therefore pointed out that more changes are expected to occur within the State Government.

“There must be movements, there must be exits, I think there are going to be castling issues within the work, there are already 6 months of work, of coexistence with his secretaries on behalf of the Governor, and I think he will know who will be able to to follow and who does not, is a direct faculty of the Governor, but well, I say that changes are coming”, he said.

Bojórquez Ruiz made the call to get to “chamber” to the spublic servers and provide results to the Governor, and above all to the citizens of Sinaloa.

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He added that what the citizens want to see is public works, paved streets, the rehabilitation of drainage, garbage collection, lighting, public safety, where in the latter, he pointed out that it is something that society has been crying out for. and added to the demand to strengthen strategies so that families feel safer.

He recalled that many years have passed with insecurity in Sinaloa, where he mentioned that it is necessary to return the spirit of tourism to the State and not because of the fear that is exercised, that it be a feeling of celebration of joy and where all the people who come and visit the state, they can leave with a very good taste in their mouths, show a new image of Sinaloa to the world.

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Source: Beatriz Piña from Sinaloa – Línea Directa on 2022-05-23 10:03:01

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