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Friday 24 June, 2022
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México. The musical group Menudo became known and became famous in the seventies thanks to Edgardo Diaz, its producer, and to date it is considered one of the most successful that has made many generations happy.

The group Slight emerged in Puerto Rico and according to information in his biography, since his artistic birth he has been able to sell 20 million records around the world and even their songs were also released in Italy, Brazil, Portugal, United Kingdom and Canada.

Menudo’s artistic debut was on November 26, 1977, in his native Puerto Rico, USES, and the first formation included two groups of brothers: Los Meléndez Sauri: Ricky, Carlos and Óscar. These three were also second cousins ​​of Edgardo Díaz. The Sallaberry Valls: Fernando and Óscar Neftalí (Nefty).

Then the group changed members and it was at the beginning of the eighties when international success came to them, at this time they were part of the project Ricky Meléndez (1977-1984), René Farrait (1979-1982), Johnny Lozada (1980- 1984), Xavier Serbiá (1980-1983), Miguel Cancel (1981-1983), Charlie Massó (1982-1987) and the deceased
Ray Reyes (1983-1985).

In the following years, other singers such as Roy Rosello (1983-1986), Draco Rosa (1984-1987), Ricky Martin (1984-1989), Raymond Acevedo (1985-1988) and Sergio Blass (1986-1990).

Members of the Menudo group in its last stage:

Elliot Suro (2005-2008)
Luis Montes (2005-2008)
Lorenzo Duarte (2005-2008)
Jose Bordonada Collazo (2007-2009)
Jose Monti Montañez (2007-2009)
Emmanuel Velez Pagan (2007-2009)
Chris Moy(2007-2009)
Carlos Olivero(2007-2009)

Menudo recorded dozens of musical productions between 1977 and 2007 and they are remembered as some of his first hits Get on my motorcycle, When will it happen, Sweet kisses, Formula, Susana, And I don’t dance, Let’s fly, Clara, You don’t even imagine, Dame a kiss and change the batteries; with them they reached the hearts of their fans in many countries.

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