Tiger gets into a taqueria in Mixquiahuala, Hidalgo

Monday 25 July, 2022
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Hidalgo.- In the municipality Mixquiahuala in the state of Gentleman residents of the Historic Center reported the presence of an imposing Bengal tiger who walked through the streets of the municipal seat.

It was during the afternoon of last Friday, July 22, when a Bengal tiger entering a taqueria located in the center of the city of Mixquiahuala, which caused the fear and anxiety of the guests.

Despite the imposingness of the animal and the fact that the people who saw it quickly sought shelter, the mammal did not show any aggressive behavior towards people despite the fact that at first he was caught running.

After having entered the taco business a man quickly entered the establishment, caressed it, as if it were a simple dog, and took it, and then put it in a private home, according to witnesses.

It transpired that, moments before, the mammal, during its race through the streets of September 16, had rammed and knocked down a motorcycle when the driver was on top of it, which caused the person to fall.

A day later, on the afternoon of this Saturday, July 23, the municipal government of Mixquiahuala titled by the Morenoist José Ramón Amieva, confirmed the sighting of the Bengal tiger in the streets of the Historic Center of the head of the municipality of Hidalgo.

“The Municipal Presidency of Mixquiahuala informs that according to what happened on July 22, at approximately 6:00 p.m., where a Bengal tiger specimen was seen on September 16 street in the Centro neighborhood, it is already reporting the competent authorities themselves, which will be in charge of determining the corresponding legal measures,” informed the City hall.

In recent months in different states of México there have been sightings of tigers that “go for a walk” on the streets of cities. One of the most recent occurred last June of the current year in Guanajuato.

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It was in San Francisco del Rincón where residents lived minutes of terror when they noticed the presence of a tiger that was circulating loose on public roads. Given this, they proceeded to report it to 911, however, when the authorities arrived, the owners showed legal ownership of the animal, while ruling out that it had escaped.

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