Relocating to Mexico NO BULL EP05. New electronic FMM process. What we know so far!

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Welcome to Relocating to Mexico NO BULL with Mexico Relocation Guide!

Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL has teamed up with @Mexico Relocation Guide to bring this show to life. In each episode we will be answering common questions on different subjects related to relocating to Mexico.

Today is Episode #05, New electronic FMM process What we know so far!

We will attempt to answer commonly asked questions about the the new electronic FMM process, where it is being conducted, and what we know so far.

I will be placing chapter markers on the video so you can jump straight to the questions you may have or go back and forth through the video in the order you please.

Link to Portal discussed in this show:…


00:00 – Intro

00:52 – Dangers of Social Media and Misinformation.

03:50 – History of the evolution of the immigration system which led to Electronic FMM.

08:38 – What is an FMM and why do I need one?

11:50 – How does FMM permit work?

15:54 – Several Airports have implemented a Pilot Program to expedite entry (Paperless FMM)

16:52 – Which Airports and what are we seeing at the airports conducting this pilot program?

20:15 – Possible positive ramifications of this new program.

23:23 – Do you still have to fill out a paper FMM?

25:21 – What if I’m coming in on a Canje Visa?

29:48 – What if you’re a Mexican Permanent Resident or Temporary Resident?

38:15 – How does the new process work if you’re coming in as a Tourist?

39:49 – Is is true that everyone that coming in to one of these airports is receiving 180 days automatically?

45:11 – Things may change. Conclusions on social media are nothing more than speculation.

46:07 – If 180 days is automatic what about Border Running?

48:31 – Final Thoughts. Do your research!

Hope this information is useful and look forward to more topics soon!!!

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