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Friday 9 September, 2022
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“It is a lie that AMLO wants to disappear the INE, rather it is going to transform, which is very different“, he pointed Gabriela Jimenez Godoy.

The president of the civil association Keep up the Democracy and which is in the state of Sinaloa promoting the Electoral Reform mentioned that what is actually sought is end the golden bureaucracy of the National Electoral Institute.

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He explained that this organization spent, only in this year, more than a billion pesos in image and purchases, which advisers earn more than 200 thousand pesos per month more benefits and major medical insurance, that each director has 30 advisers with floors ranging from 50 thousand to 200 thousand pesos per month.

Eliminate the “mini INES”

He also added that they seek to eliminate the OPLES (Local Public Electoral Bodies) colloquially called “mini INES”, since their only workload is during the elections; however, they load a great expense to the public treasury.

Reduce the number of electoral councilors and magistrates, currently there are 11, it is proposed that they remain in 7 and the way in which they are elected (…) that they be elected by popular vote of the citizens and not by the Congress and Senate“, he added.

In addition, that electronic voting be promoted, with this action, he indicated, great economic savings would be made on paper, less pollution would be produced and certainty would be given because there would no longer be incidents at the polls nor would “the dead” vote.

Reduce the percentage of participation for the revocation of the mandate, currently the law says that 40% participation is needed to be binding, plus 37 million votes, which needs to be reduced to 33%“, he indicated.

Other proposals

That the number of federal deputies be reduced from 500 to 300, as well as senators from 128 to 96.

Cut the time on radio and television of political parties, as well as reduce the number of councilors throughout the country; there are many municipalities that have more than 20 councilors and it is proposed that there be a maximum of nine per municipality“, he mentioned.

He specified that with this reduction in salaries and positions, they are unnecessary and that they are not needed to have an effective electoral system, it would be generating savings of 50 billion pesos a year, a resource that corresponds almost to the annual budget of Sinaloa which is 58 billion pesos.

A reform will be presented so that it can live up to the citizenry so that Mexicans trust their electoral authorities (…) they are autonomous and partial with the best profiles, so that so much is not spent on bureaucracy“, he pointed.

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