My How Time Flies When You’re Having Fun in México

Saturday 17 September, 2022
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Credit: Ada Colorina

So true, the old saying: “My how time flies when you’re having fun in México.” Expats In México flickered-on computer screens everywhere September 16th, 2016, to celebrate its birth and the birth of México’s independence in 1810.

Here we are again, six year later with my blog celebrating our anniversary as the only online magazine specifically for expats living in México and the thousands of aspiring expats from around the world who are planning or considering a move to this beautiful and very friendly country.

I bought a home in Puerto Vallarta in 2001 with the goal of finally retiring to the place I had visited in 1976 for the first time and more than a dozen times in between. I loved Vallarta with a deep passion and decided to take early semi-retirement in 2002 (I continued working as a brand consultant, the envy of all of my friends who had visited Puerto Vallarta). For about seven years, I lived the Vallarta life and loved every minute of it. But I learned nothing is forever. My wife passed and I moved back to California, only to be resurrected by Felice, my soulmate and wife of the past 13 years.

We’ve been back in Vallarta for three years now and have been looking forward to this celebration. Luckily, the day of EIM’s sixth anniversary and México’s Independence Day happen to coincide perfectly with our Friday prosecco-on-the-patio custom. We’ll be raising our glasses to you, our friends of these past six years and hopefully for many more.

Far more than a million eyeballs have grazed the pages of Expats In México since we began and more keep coming. When we made the change to a subscription-based service several years ago we anticipated we would lose some of you, but that didn’t really happen. What we found was a loyalty to our publication that continues today. You, are readers, stick with us over the years and we love you for that, and hope we can continue exceeding your expectations.

When you want information on México and its cities, there are many places to go, but many of those many places to go aren’t there anymore. We are and will be for many years, thanks to you.
Muchas gracias amigos y amigas for a wonderful six years of being together.

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Source: Robert Nelson from Expats In México on 2022-09-16 05:35:11

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