15-year-old teenager dies after falling into a mine in Bolivia

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Bolivia.- The 15-year-old teenager would have finished working and when she left the interior of the mine with her colleagues, he suffered a cramp in his arms and fell from a height of 20 meters and subsequently died.

The departmental commander of the police in Potosí, bolivia Colonel Antonio Araya, explained last Monday that the death of a person was reported, who would have fallen from a height of 20 meters inside a mine Where he worked.

The colonel reported that on September 14 at the Olle Días mine, one person died, a 15-year-old teenager.

The minor would have died as a result of multiple fractures Falling from a height of approximately 20 meters, the adolescent worked in the place and after finishing her day she would have suffered a cramp in her arms.

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“The possible cause of death would be multiple fractures, a brief detail of the fact is that on the 14th, personnel from the Homicide Division went to the funeral home, Mr. de la Vera Cruz, where the presence of a female corpse was verified. of a minor of approximately 15 years of age,” the colonel reported. The case is still under investigation.

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