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The president of the Federal Republic from Germany, Frank Walter Steinmeier made an official visit to Senate of the Republic where he called on the sovereignty parliamentary mexican to finalize the update México Global AgreementEuropean Union.

In his speech he mentioned that México is an important partner that we hold in high esteem, this partnership needs to remain ready for the future and that is why we would very much welcome, if a speedy conclusion of the modernized global agreement between México and the European Union.

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The german president thanked the assumed posture by México in the war between Russia Y Ukraine and pointed out that this brutal violation of the rules by Putin (President of Russia), does not affect only Europe affects us everybody who wants to normalize the violations of borders and the occupation of lands, will be opening the box of Pandora and ultimately threatening the entire world.

He also summoned the legislators for to work in conjunction with the Bavarian country to reverse the change climate and said I am convinced that together we can slow down the change climate with their impact if together we build bridges of innovation, exchange and, above all, solidarity, leaving the young generations a habitable world, in which it is worth living, must be our goal.

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The country is first”. Said frank walter who mentioned that under this motto you meet here, in this house. In berlin in our Parliament is the inscription to the German people and I am sure that here you, in México City the same thing happens to them as to us in the building in berlin that when one gets a chance to climb onto the speaker’s stand under those words a feeling of pride invades him, pride in his own Homeland but above all pride for the house of the democracy.

“You feel the mandate that has been entrusted to you by the electorate the mandate to ensure a life in peace Y security. In particular, in these last weeks and months, a great responsibility is felt to defend the achievements of the democracy”.

In this regard, he assured that we know that day after day we have to defend our democratic values fundamental, such as freedom and human rights also, eternally, within our countries, front to those who defy our order liberal.

In the solemn session, the president of the Board of Directors Alexander Armenta expressed his approval to the German president for the visit to México and especially to the Senate and said that it will surely have very positive results for the bilateral relationship and will help him to know directly some of the Mexican cultural expressions.

Alexander Armenta stated that the Mexican Senate follows with great interest the process of approval and ratification of the Package Agreement to analyze it, approve it and thus contribute to the strengthening of ties between our nations.

He affirmed that the trust placed by the Business german in México to invest in various fields of the national economy, placing Germany in the fifth place worldwide of countries that invest in México which demonstrates the high degree of understanding and dialogue to build projects that favor both nations.

In a solemn session, the Plenary of the Senate of the Republic received the german president who was accompanied by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard as well as the president of the Board of Directors of Senate, Alejandro Armenta Mier and the president of the Council of Coordination Politics, Ricardo Monreal.

A cadet fence Military school walked the corridor through which the German president passed, to reach a pavilion where both delegations, the mexican and the German listened to the national anthems of both countries; first of México with the war band military and later that of Germany with stereo sound.

After taking the official photo in the Full of the Camera of senators the president left the legislative chamber to continue his activities in the country.

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