authorities of Sinaloa agree to promote the use of the panic alert app

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The heads of the Public Security Secretariat, the Women’s Secretariat, the Executive Secretariat of the State Public Security System and the Attorney General’s Office signed an inter-institutional collaboration agreement to implement and promote the use of the SOS Citizen alert application.

The foregoing, with the objective that society in general has an immediate alert tool through their cell phone that allows them to resort to the help of the authorities.

The State Secretary of Public Security, Lieutenant Colonel Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, pointed out that the application is a tool that will not only help to inhibit the commission of crimes against women, since it is within the reach of any citizen, it will be possible to provide assistance any section of the population.

He explained that SOS Ciudadano is free to use and can be downloaded to any mobile device; In addition, in the event of any emergency, it is directly linked to C4i, allowing the authorities to timely geolocate the complainant and they could go to the place of the call in a period of between two and three minutes.

The Secretary for Women, María Teresa Guerra Ochoa, recognized the efforts of the different authorities, as they act based on the instructions of Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, who prioritizes working for the benefit of women in the face of the increase in the incidence of family violence .

He explained that, currently, around 262 women have received restriction measures and have also been trained in the dissemination and use of the application, in order to be able to use it when they feel vulnerable.

The Attorney General of the State, Sara Bruna Quiñonez, mentioned that the SOS Ciudadano is an important tool for the correct prosecution of the facts, since by allowing images and audio of the crime to be captured, it will contribute to a greater procurement of justice, as well as to initiate the research folders.

The SOS Citizen application is available on three different platforms for download, which is free and any citizen can access and use it.

On the afternoon of Tuesday the 20th, the transport union agreed to promote the use of the application in the units, so that the calls for help from both users and drivers can be attended to immediately.

So far, the alliances of permit holders have created a list of urban transport service providers who will be trained for the effective use of said application.

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