Ben Affleck will have to pay JLo $5 million if he cheats on her

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A couple of weeks ago we witnessed one of the most anticipated weddings of the year: that of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The couple married in a mansion that the actor owns in Savannah (Georgia) and the ceremony was attended by celebrities and the couple’s closest relatives.

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However, as the weeks went by, we learned details of the ceremony and even the content of a contract (also known as a preliminary marital agreement) that the couple signed before getting married. This contract ensures that if Ben Affleck is unfaithful to Jennifer Lopez, the actor must pay a ridiculous sum of thousands of dollars.

How much will Ben Affleck have to pay Jennifer Lopez if he is unfaithful?

If the actor who plays Batman is unfaithful to López, he will have to pay him $5 million. With this agreement, both parties seek to avoid this type of problem in the couple. The sum of money was released by the legal representatives of the couple.

“He’s trying to keep things fresh and exciting. She does not want to divorce after only a few weeks of marriage, and she is aware that this is what people say about them, “confirmed a source close to the couple who even assures that Jennifer Lopez is doing everything possible to call her of love does not go out soon.

It was also learned that in said premarital agreement, Jennifer López and Ben Affleck agreed to a “sexual clause” which states that the couple must have sex at least four times a week.

The theme quickly became a trend and even several couples began to copy and imitate this idea. This clause serves to “prevent the passion from going out and prevent possible infidelities”, assured the representatives of Jennifer and Ben Affleck.

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