Boating starts for the Telethon

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Within the framework of the 25th anniversary of Fundación Teletón, Boteo 2022 started, with which it seeks to collect enough for the construction of two new centers after six years of collecting only what is necessary to maintain the 24 CRITs that are in operation. in the country, one of them in Gómez Palacio.

To achieve the collection of 36 million pesos through the national level, this Wednesday began the delivery of a thousand container pigs between the different government instances, both state and municipal, as well as educational centers and companies, with which it is expected to collect more of one million pesos.

Gabriel López Ortega Magallanes, director of the Teletón Children’s Rehabilitation Center (Crit) Durango, reported that for this year a goal has been set to reach the amount of 387 million 733 thousand 442 pesos, necessary for the construction of two more centers: one in Tlapa, Guerrero and another one in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

“More than a thousand boats have been distributed… We expect a very good participation from the people, the truth is that after the pandemic and everything that made us reflect, I think that the example of what we have learned has already been seen by Mexican society in the Last Telethon, that we did not set a goal but that what was met in the previous Telethon was exceeded; We are more aware, we are more sensitive that in this life we ​​are passing through and that leading a full life is more about serving than letting go, helping those who need it most”.

On behalf of the Torreón City Council through the DIF, which for the first time joins this activity, the honorary president Selina Bremer requested the delivery of 100 boats; while Ciudad Lerdo, which had not joined either, this time received 36 boats; DIF Madero, received 12 bores; the Coordination of Educational Services of La Laguna de Coahuila, received 300 boats, as well as the Diocese of Gómez Palacio and Torreón, each received 262 boats.

Over 25 years, 24 CRITs have been built, an autism center, an oncology hospital, where 300 children have been treated, in addition to the construction of a Telethon university and a factory for oncological wigs of the highest quality.

Nationwide, more than 680 children have been served, of which 40,700 have already graduated after meeting their objectives. Of that total, 15,000 children attended the CRIT Durango, of which almost a thousand graduated to give another minor a chance.

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Source: (GUADALUPE MIRANDA/ EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN) from Portada, El Siglo de Torreón on 2022-09-21 12:34:58

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