Camila Fernández premieres Volver, a song dedicated to her grandfather

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Camila Fernandez turned his pain into art. After the death of his grandfather, Vicente Fernandez in December of last year, was the music the one that accompanied the 24-year-old girl.

“My grandfather left me and gave me a horrible depression, I did not accept it, I could not get out of bed, I did have hope and faith that it would get better because I saw it as perfect, that is what happens with this mentioned syndrome (Guillain-Barré) it’s okay, maybe you can see it well, but then people die and I didn’t know that, I thought it was getting better, “Camila said in an interview.

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That is why, inspired by the themes Return Return, of his Tata, as she called him and Like who loses a star of his father, Alexander Fernandez Camila managed to finalize her song Return a mixture of mariachi and urban and in which he talks about the longing for a loved one.

Initially he dedicated it to his current husband Francis Beard, since the composition was during confinement, away from her then boyfriend; however, now the theme became a tribute to her grandfather, she even makes a reference to it in her video clip.

“Before (the Charro de Huentitán died), I proposed to my grandfather and my father the idea that I wanted to mix the mariachi with the urban one and they loved it, they told me it was really cool. My family always instilled in me to express my own voice, to be original, authentic, to have my essence, that they knew who I was because of my work, because of my talent, I focused on all that until I deduced that I could do this mix of sounds or what I felt like it and I began to experiment,” he said.

The single is part of disk by Camila titled Vulnerable with which he shows his most personal and intimate side, going through the sadness left by the departure of his paternal grandfather as opposed to the joy of the arrival of his daughter Cayetana and the marriage to Barba.

“It is titled like this because at the beginning of my career I was writing from a perspective in which I said that I did not need anyone to be happy, but I was just in the pandemic when I wrote this easy of Return and everything changed” said.

in the stuff, Camila included the song My light dedicated to her daughter after having experienced a risky pregnancy. She confessed that at the beginning the doctors’ forecasts regarding her pregnancy were not encouraging, which is why he considers her a gift from God.

“The girl fought to be with me, I felt since pregnancy that she came to mark something, she has an intention in this world and the truth is that she is an incredible girl, she has a great attitude, she is always in a good mood, she has a lot of energy, I love her, I love her and I enjoy her a lot and I want the best for her.

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“As a mother, I want to show her that I am a hard-working woman who gets ahead, has her career and I am not the typical one who does nothing and is more dedicated to her children, I want to show her that I can dedicate myself to my children, but also to be a woman worker,” he said.

At the moment, the young woman is in the process of composing new songs, she enjoys the release of her album as well as the company of his family.

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