Corruption in Construction? They’re Not the Same…They’re Worse! PRI Against the Wall

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Corruption in Construction?
They are not the same…they are worse!
PRI Against the Wall

Corruption in Construction?
It is no secret to anyone that in the construction industry there is a lot of corruption with the so-called percentages towards some officials related to public works and those who grant permits.

Some three years ago the Construction Regulations did not allow large condominium towers, but some hotel businessmen and real estate developers from a few years to date, have taken flight building upwards and saving space. Now on a piece of land where there was a house, the builders knocked it down and today they are building up to 20 apartments.

They say that real estate and construction is a magnificent business.
This morning and after a lot of fuss was made with the demolition of the small “Puerto Viejo” to build a building of thirteen or more levels in the historic Paseo Olas Altas, the neighbors shouted to the sky because modernity and ambitions want finish off old buildings in the Historic Center.

In a meeting with the neighbors and the press present, it became clear that the “Old Port” is or was, because it was already thrown away, part of the historic Center that must be cared for and protected. In this event, Servando Rojo, director of the INAH in Mazatlán, said that this property is protected by the INAH and accused that the City Council is giving permits to dispose of and build in places not authorized by the National Institute of Anthropology and History itself.
He indicated that there are already ten works suspended due to different irregularities in the Historic Center. In the case of the “Puerto Viejo” there were even threats from the owners who demanded progress in its intended construction.

When asked by a reporter, Servando Rojo said that there are irregularities in the permits, although he hesitated not to mention corruption.

Now the question goes to the mayor Benítez Torres, from the marshlands: Is there corruption in the construction permits given to individuals? And by the way: Is there corruption in public works with the builders moches? Who benefits and to what level does this corruption reach?

They are not the same… They are worse!

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres was asked yesterday if the dark-skinned people and the 4T are really different and of course he said that they were much better and had “great morals”… but in fact they are not the same as the PRI and PAN members…! They are worse!.

There is the authoritarianism, the imposition and the anti-democracy of the leadership of Morenawith the consent of the President of the Republic, of course, and Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernández are re-elected for one more term at the head of the party, until 2024, to run the presidential candidacy in favor of Claudia Sheinbaum, the new head of Government of the great city of México.

It must be said in defense of Mario and Citlalli that these corrupt practices are not new, they were invented by the PRI members and the PAN members purged them; the dark ones are not the same… They are worse!

Any similarity with the “nomenclature” of Morena, is what senatorial leader Ricardo Monreal calls those who have taken over the party and the decisions, it is not a mere coincidence. It is gangster and political corruption.

In 2020, Delgado Carrillo defeated Porfirio Muñoz Ledo in the polls and took office for a three-year term. This weekend the national congress authorized him to extend one more year, until 2024, and gave him powers so that the CEN determines the way to elect candidates, including the presidential one.

Another crude example that they are worse is that for almost a year the “corcholatas” of the President of the Republic have been campaigning throughout the country with the permission of the President himself. The old “priist catwalk” today, without objection, is used in the best tricolor style.

Not in vain those who now say that they are not the same went through the PRI, from López Obrador himself, Adán Augusto López, Marcelo Ebrard, Manuel Bartlett and even Ricardo Monreal Ávila himself. Here, in Mazatlán, it would be necessary to search in the past of the chemist Benítez if he was a PRI member or voted for that party that today spits and hates.

They say that governing CDMX requires full-time attention. There are many problems that exist in a city of millions of inhabitants that must be addressed. Wouldn’t it be better for Claudia Sheinbaum to leave office to dedicate herself fully to promoting her candidacy?

Similarly, the Secretary of the Interior, who should be responsible for ensuring that no one starts a political campaign ahead of time. The third “corcholata”, Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE) also takes advantage of every opportunity offered to him to make propaganda. There he is, criticized on social media for taking a selfie with his wife as if it were a party at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Undoubtedly, the three “corcholatas” have the authorization of their boss to dedicate themselves to seeking votes. Only that interest should not affect the official budget, or campaign during working hours. Are they the same?… No, they are worse.

PRI Against the Wall

While the Senate committees began the process to review the initiative to reform a transitory constitutional article to extend the military command over the National Guard for four more years, the tricolor is up against the wall and with internal problems among legislators themselves due to these changes to the law.

Yesterday the national leader of the PRI, headed by Alejandro “Alito” Moreno, released a statement to justify his proposal and, above all, to clarify that this initiative has not generated internal divisions.

After making it clear that “in the PRI no one is in favor of militarization” and for this reason in the last session of the Congress of the Union voted against the incorporation of the National Guard to the Secretariat of National Defense, he stressed who presented an initiative to extend the period of accompaniment and assistance of the Armed Forces to the National Guard, “because we believe in this institution.”

Accompanied by members of the national leadership of his party, also federal deputy Alejandro Moreno pointed out: “Imagine that the fire is on and they want to withdraw the firefighters.” Our position and vote was against the incorporation of the National Guard to the Secretary of National Defense; but we agreed on the timing of the assistance of the Armed Forces, they are two different things that must be clear, ”he stressed.

“We are clear that today the Guard was not trained or in a position to assume the security of the country in 18 months; We want more education, more training, work on budgets, to strengthen programs and projects, but we cannot make irresponsible decisions,” he added.

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