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Mazatlán, Sin.- With the aim of contributing to the academic and, above all, professional development of Mazatlán students, the Autonomous university of Occident In collaboration with Tomato Valley AC they launched the NASA Space Apps 2022 global contest.

The event will take place at the facilities of the Mazatlán Regional Unit the days October 1 and 2 of the current year. Students from high school to university and even professionals.

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The dynamic is that NASA will launch some challenges with their various problems and the participants will have to offer solutions to them.

“This program is usually carried out internationally and it is a unique opportunity for Mazatlán to have its headquarters in México, it is something that we cannot let go unnoticed, we have to concentrate as much as possible to give a good role”, he pointed Juan Carlos Ojeda, event host.

To be able to participate you have to register on the event page, because the Seating will be limited to 150 people only.

What is sought is to know the desire to work and learn from the people who make up the group, the topic would be varied, because in the registry they would be given a follow-up topic, which the participants would have to abide by.

“We hope to have a good response, which is usually the case, previously Mazatlán has already won a third place in this type of event, it would not be anything new that they will do a good job, the people with the greatest interest always register, that is why this previous result, we hope that this time will not be the exception”, added Alan Sicarios, another of the organizers.


The winner at the local level could represent Mazatlán at the international level and once the international event has been won, the prize is to visit the Kennedy Space Center, to be able to observe the rockets that go into space or the satellites that are released.

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