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The Governing Board was installed IMSS-Wellbeing and with it initiates legal and juridical operations. This date will be remembered as the day that the health sector and the government of México changed the course of medical care for people without social security, said CEO Zoé Robledo.

The Secretaries of Health attended, Jorge Alcocer Varela; of Labor and Social Welfare, Luisa María Alcalde Luján; of Welfare, Ariadna Montiel Reyes; of the Public Function, Roberto Salcedo Aquino.

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And the Undersecretaries of Health, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, and of Expenditures of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Juan Pablo de Botton Falcón, on behalf of Secretary Rogelio Ramírez de la O.

In his message, the general director of the iMSS and president of the Governing Board of the IMSS-Well-being Zoé Robledo said that “this table augurs well for the best, because this is an institution that was born from the experience, knowledge and different approaches of who today are part of its Governing Board.

He affirmed that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is the president with the most confidence in the IMSS, an institution that 43 years ago began with the task of serving non-beneficiaries, something for which it had not been created.

He stated that the Chief Executive decided to make a decree and a new decentralized public body, because he trusts Social Security, in its legacy, in its history and intends that it last for many more years and reach more people in medical care, especially all those who need us most

The general director of the IMSS recognized the support of the heads of the secretariats of Health, Labor and Social Security, Welfare, Finance and Public Credit and the Civil Service, who from their experience will strengthen IMSS-Wellbeing.

On his occasion, the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, congratulated himself for having a decentralized public body, with operational and management autonomy that has among its 16 powers to work for the health of México.

For this, it will have budgetary, material, human and structural resources transferred by the state governments charged to its own resources and from the Contribution Fund referred to in Article 25 section II of the Fiscal Coordination Law.

Mexicans will have access to health

For her part, the Secretary of Labor, Luisa María Alcalde Luján, said that IMSS-Well-being is inspired by the first that all Mexicans have access to health, with comprehensive and quality medical and hospital care, with free medicines that reach all corners of the country.

He stated that the dimension of the challenge is to break the dynamics of exclusion of 35 million workers and their families who do not have access to social security.

“It is essential to federalize health services and for a single institution to be responsible for the necessary infrastructure, personnel and training necessary to integrate the new health centers,” he claimed.

This new institution will formalize and give stability to health workers who were temporary. Through a new labor model they will be given permanence in employment. It is a new model in accordance with the principles of justice of the Fourth Transformation, said the person in charge of the country’s labor policy.

In turn, the Secretary of Welfare, Ariadna Montiel Reyes, endorsed the institutional commitment to accompany the IMSS in all the tasks that must be carried out. She emphasized that President López Obrador’s strategy of federalizing health services fundamentally benefits the poorest.

And the Undersecretary of Expenditures of the SHCP, Juan Pablo de Botton, spoke of the importance of strengthening primary health care for people who do not have any social security coverage, which could materialize through this care model that uses the capacities of the IMSS and the rest of the institutions of the Health sector.

The secretary of the Public Function, Roberto Salcedo Aquino, stated that at the beginning of this program, only an economic conception was feared to serve depressed areas. “And in the current administration we assume that it is the State’s obligation to provide well-being to its population as its main task.”

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Gisela Lara Saldaña, who thanked President López Obrador for his trust, as well as the general director of the IMSS Zoe Robledo and Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, was sworn in as general director of the IMSS-Wellness Decentralized Public Body.

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