Javier Armenta, asks for support for a bone marrow transplant

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México.- Javier Isaiah Armenta Perez from Culiacan, Sinaloa For the last 7 years he has had health problems although on one occasion he managed to beat cancer, unfortunately in 2020 he relapsed again, so he finds himself in need of asking for support for a transplant because he still has a long way to go and what most want it is watch your baby grow and being with his family, a battle with which he has lived in recent years.

The Sinaloan asks help to raise more than 2 million pesos and get a transplant bone marrow which will be held at Hospital de Guadalajara, for which he has disclosed his account number, interbank code and name, in case someone can give him a donation.

Armenta Pérez is an example of what courage and persistence is, for which her case has been made viral since he needs urgent help, for which he mentions that he feels that his days go by very quickly, “it is very difficult to fight for support and now getting just over 2 million pesos for a bone marrow transplant is as if you will bring a bomb with limited time in your hands, it is hard and more so when we live in a world where if there is something that we lack as human beings, it is to have more empathy before the adverse situations of others, but I am a person of faith and if God wants the objective, it will be achieved”.

During an interview, Javier told his greatest motivation My son without a doubt seeing him smile every day And wanting to spend more time with him is what has motivated me to fight for my life, being honest, if he hadn’t arrived, he might no longer be alive, last year I was about to die, but I fought.”

The first time he was in very delicate health, the doctors could not find out what he was suffering from, it was until on one occasion he had to spend 3 months in the hospital, weighing 35 kg, they kept him connected to a tank of oxygen. Until they detected him, “Hodgkin’s lymphoma, although with chemotherapy he managed to recover.

Two years later he is once again in a battle against cancer, “The first time the cancer affected my lung, liver, blood vessel, stomach and neck, but my attitude was i’m gonna get out of this the second time was different I felt sad with impotence because my son was on his way there were many mixed feelings, but I already had a reason to fight, I said I will fight to live to see you grow up.

For what he narrated his emotion on the day his son was born, because Javier was in the middle of treatments at that time, “The day before he had had treatment and seeing him gave me strength and I said I have to fight to spend more time with you without Without a doubt, the best thing that has happened to me is being a father.”

Finally, he talked about how he has had to change his dreams when facing a difficult condition, the Mexican commented, “tears come to my eyes with this question why my dream is different from the one someone else could have but it is that with everything I have lived I can give importance more than anything to what really matters in this life things that other people do not see, I am not dazzled by anything of the banal of this life since most things are superficial, when you live with death up close you realize the importance of having health, love, family, a roof over your head, food, being able to breathe, being able to walk, you value even every little glass of water, if only people knew how lucky they are just to have Health”.

His life has completely changed, so he talks about his past, “The dreams of the past no longer matter to me, now I am focused on fully recovering and seeing my child grow up, that is my dream to have the opportunity to see him grow up when he was born, I cried at night and said God give me the opportunity to be with him more, 20 more years I only ask you to give me health and life for my family, for me and for the people who esteem me.

Likewise, he feels very grateful to his wife, mother and friends who have not let him down and have stayed by his side by offering their support.

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Currently, he pointed out that he is physically better, since, living the last few years with medication to control his pain a little, it has left him with multiple sequelae. Whereas emotionally, he always tries to be calm.

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