little towns of Sinaloa with a tourist vocation will have a ‘new face’

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The facades of rural towns and Stately Towns with tourist potential will be painted by their inhabitants with the support of the Coloring program Sinaloawhich promotes citizen participation, improves the urban image to promote tourism and generates temporary jobs.

In accordance with the provisions of the State Development Plan 2022-2027, Promotur signed an agreement with Corazón Urbano, AC to carry out this program whose objective is to conserve, beautify and promote areas with a tourist vocation in rural communities.

The painting work begins in 15 days and will extend over three months in its first stage. coloring Sinaloa will begin in the south of the state, in the communities of Chametla, Teacapán, Concordia, San Javier and La Noria.

At a press conference this Wednesday at the Mazatlán Convention Center, the Secretary of Tourism of SinaloaRosario Torres Noriega, and the director of Promotur, José Alfonso Reséndiz Memije, announced that the resources will be provided by the Government of Sinaloa through the Sectur – state, Promotur and later the Ministry of Economy and Sebides will be incorporated.

Torres Noriega stressed that it is a team effort welcomed by Governor Rubén Rocha Moya; It is a project in which Sectur will invest 6 million pesos because it is aimed at boosting tourism activity in rural communities to make tourism a tool for social reconciliation.

The CEO of Promoter SinaloaJosé Alfonso Reséndiz Memije, specified that in the first stage it is estimated that more than 113 thousand square meters of surface will be painted, for the benefit of 6 thousand 860 people in 17 communities of 12 municipalities of Sinaloa.

With this project, it is planned to hire about 1,700 people from the benefited communities, who will receive social benefits, training and could generate a daily salary of up to $700,000, added the official.

With the representation of the Secretary of Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel, the Undersecretary of Economic Development, Ahuizotl López Apodaca, announced that the SE will complement the project with the creation of commercial corridors.

“At the time of finishing the (painting) works we are going to start, not only to see what other arrangements can be made around it, but also to develop bazaars, fairs, tianguis and commercial expos to generate economy,” said the state official.

“The economy is very important to have peace in our pockets, social peace and harmony in the family because we are solving the economic problem, tourism is the anchor for the economy, because without tourism there is no economic benefit and as the Ministry of Economy we It’s time to put conditions and resources to micro, small and medium enterprises, to create all these expos and attract more visitors”.

José Alfonso Reséndiz Memije specified that Promotur will provide economic resources to Corazón Urbano, AC, and the civil association will be in charge of acquiring and transferring the painting and work material, hiring, organizing and training personnel for the execution of the program.

He added that to receive this benefit, the municipalities must provide information on the areas to be painted (square meters, map and photographs of the area) and sign a collaboration agreement with Promotur and the City Councils of the interested municipalities.

The Undersecretary for Tourism Promotion and Operation, Estrella Palacios Domínguez, and the Director of Special Projects of the Sectur were present at the event as guests. SinaloaJorge González Olivieri.

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