Mazatlán Carnival Not Safe to Hold, Says Benítez Torres

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*You have to “sell” the carnival

*This year was not “sustainable”

Despite the fact that the Institute of Culture has already begun preparations for the Mazatlán International Carnival 2023, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez said that its realization is not certain and that it is “selling” and looking for sponsors, because a “carnival is not made of overnight; there are a lot of expenses”.

He recalled that this year’s carnival “was not very sustainable, because it was authorized two days before and there was a lack of preparation. These parties are the best in México and the third largest carnival in the world and must be well prepared.

He said that he already has the invitation for this Thursday at the Ángela Peralta Theater where the theme of the parties and the calls for their “majesties” will be known.

In other topics he talked about taking care of the new monkeypox virus. Regarding the Covid pandemic, he said that luckily we are further away from that pandemic every day, even now many people do not wear face masks; “I use it from time to time” and probably soon it can be put aside.

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