Mothers of families rescue their children’s elementary school from the mud every time it rains, in Mocorito

Thursday 22 September, 2022
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LA MAJADA DE ABAJO._ The muddy water reaches the calves; You have to be careful not to step on any irregularity of the fractured ground while walking tentatively, because the brown puddle does not allow you to see what is below.

The branches and garbage that caress the feet of those women are confused with little animals that try to stay afloat, and that were dragged by a river of rain to a classroom.

It is necessary to rescue desks and small tables, that is the immediate instruction. We must prevent stagnant water from taking over the few material resources that remain at the Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez elementary school, a small and abandoned complex located in Majada de Abajo, a community in the mountainous area of ​​the Mocorito municipality. in Sinaloa.

The classrooms are at a height of almost 30 centimeters in relation to the school corridor, so the classrooms are transformed into small pools when it rains.

To get the liters of water, a mother of a family got a water pump, connects it to the current and a spark envelops her hand, passing electricity through her body.

Fortunately, he reacts quickly and releases the machine, alerts the rest of the mothers and they flee from that electrified pool.

It will be with a bucket and a broom that they will clean the classroom of their sons and daughters to avoid an accident with electricity and water that the school seeks to reclaim.

This is how it was last Monday morning for some housewives from La Majada de Abajo, who after a few hours of rain on a Sunday had to rescue their children’s campus from the mud… as is customary for them .

The location of the school makes it the preferred location for the September rains. Thousands of liters of water arrive from the north, south and east to meet at the campus every time the slightest drizzle reaches the town.

“The water no longer only comes to us from above, we no longer know where,” says Célida López Guzmán, one of the three teachers at this multigrade educational center that attends primary level.

“If it rains every day, every day it floods.”

The walls are still damp, and the sun’s rays that touch the walls evaporate the water that those buckets couldn’t remove. An abnormal heat is felt on the skin, and there is no air conditioning to reduce it.

The cloud of steam drowns. You can’t see it, but you can feel it in your nose as it struggles with the musty aroma left by the recent rains.

The solution proposed by the municipal Civil Protection is to level the floor of the classrooms, but the educational center does not have the resources to do so.

“The President (María Elizalde Ruelas) told us that everything possible was going to be done, this is due to management,” complains teacher Célida.

The school does not have any federal support: since the Full-Time Schools were suspended, they were left out of any registry that would benefit them.

“Unfortunately, the school does not have any federal government program, before we had the Full-Time School program, because the pandemic came and disappeared,” he claims.

“The School is Ours arrives and we stay out. We do not know who to turn to, it is a resource that the school needs. The school is sustained by the contributions of each parent”.

The mothers of families have already gone to the Ministry of Public Education and Culture of Sinaloabut staying on top of the appeal request process is not easy because you have to travel at least an hour from the town to the state agency.

In addition to the problem of humidity and flooding, there is another equally serious problem, the common grave of the campus is leaking due to the constant flooding and leaving waste exposed.

“The bathrooms are not in good condition, the pit is already full. There are children who have gotten sick from the same pit that leaks, ”she mentions.

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