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Paty Cantu considers that the food It’s one of the best ways to get to know culture so she feels very excited to be the presenter of the reality show culinary Iron Chef: México where he has been able to discover different ways of appreciating good eating.

“What we are demonstrating and combining are not only Mexican ingredients, but also different ways of cultivating the traditions of different states and regions of our country,” he said in an interview with The Sun of México.

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“We also see how they represent it chefs who are still in México, and also those who have left here, but continue to bring their roots to their restaurants in different parts of the world,” he added.

“I had the opportunity to try some cymbals that I hadn’t had the previous experience, and sometimes I was a little doubtful or afraid of what was going to happen,” he says with a laugh. “But I’ve always thought that everything has to be tried at least once, so she was up for it,” she added.

The reality show is a production originating in Japan, broadcast for the first time in 1993, which presents a competition between a group of chefs who come face to face with other chefs, in a duel against the clock, which takes place around a secret ingredient.

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The singer She pointed out that despite not having explored much of her facet as a presenter, from the moment she received the invitation to join this production, she knew she had to accept, since it combines two of her great loves: food and our country.

“The theme of healthy and fun competition, the sample of the gastronomy and apart from the Mexican culture which is something that I defend a lot in my songs. I try to preserve and exalt everything that represents us, all this was combined. And add to that that I’m very greedy, I love to eat.” The first season of Iron Chef: México is already available in Netflix is suitable for all audiences.

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