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Mazatlán, Sin.- The idea of ​​a Plaza de la Banda in Mazatlán continues to be consolidated; the project as such is already armed, however, the most important thing is missing: the resource .

“We are just making the budget of how much it would cost , we already have the project, and the most important thing is that we don’t know where the resources will come from , because it is a big project ,” declared Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

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He mentioned that the intention of this plaza is to recognize Sinaloa music , as well as its performers.

“We committed to an event to raise funds, that’s why I invited the big bands of Mazatlan, which are the best in the world , to where a concert to start and with that we are going to ask the governor to support us , I know that going to do” he mentioned.

This concert is scheduled for mid-January 2023 and he announced that there has been a good response from the artists to be part of this event .

band square

This space would be located on the slopes of Cerro El Crestón, where the wastewater treatment plant that bears the same name is currently being dismantled .

“Remember that there is no longer a sewage treatment plant , but since these are bureaucratic procedures , we are waiting for permission to tear down and award those federal lands,” he said.

“El chemist ” indicated that it would be premature to talk about the operation of the place, but he announced that it will have shows , bars , restaurants , shops and even a museum .

Luis Ángel “El Flaco” met with the mayor to discuss various issues, including the Plaza de la Banda project. Photo: Fausto McConegly | The Sun of Mazatlan

They join the project

One of the artists who has already said yes, both to the concert and to the project, is the singer Luis Ángel “El Flaco “, who expressed being in the best disposition to support everything that is about Mazatlan and put his name on high.

“Mazatlán is known for many things, but for its music it is known worldwide, it is up to us to a certain extent to be ambassadors wherever we have to go, Mexico does not go , Sinaloa does not go, Mazatlán goes , it is a very cool wave and that flatters me, that they can say ‘we are going to make a square where the band is celebrated, where a museum is made for the band , special things for the band’ and how not to support them , “ he said.

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