The Senate discusses the reform to expand the presence of the Army in the streets until 2028

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The plenary session of the Senate discusses this Wednesday the reform promoted by Morena and part of the PRI to extend the presence of the Armed Forces —the Army and the Navy— in public security tasks until 2028.

The proposal has already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies, where it received the support of Morena and its allies (PT and PVEM) and almost the entire PRI caucus. However, several PRI senators have spoken out against it.

The positioning of the PRI caucus becomes relevant given that, as it is a constitutional reform, the bloc that heads Morena needs at least part of the opposition to reach the required qualified majority, that is, two-thirds of the Senate.

Within the negotiations and the jerks in the upper house, on Tuesday Morena reported that he managed to recruit a senator who until Tuesday was from the PAN, Raúl Paz, who assured that he decided to change parties because the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his party, Morenathey do care about the southeast of the country.

Those who support the reform affirm that it is necessary to extend the presence of soldiers and sailors in the streets while the National Guard is consolidated. Those who oppose it maintain that the term must end in 2024 and, instead of continuing to resort to the military, the country’s police must be strengthened.

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