The viewpoint of the ‘heart’ will have a glass bridge; They grabbed him from a public bathroom, says ‘El Químico’

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One of the viewpoints of the Paseo del Centenario has been remodeled for weeks so that tourists and locals enjoy a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

According to information provided by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres on his social networks, it will have chairs and tables, and as an additional ingredient there will be a glass bridge for those who like to take a souvenir photograph.

The remodeling begins from the steps of the Paseo del Centenario.

“We will transform a site that was used as a public bathroom into something family-friendly.”

According to people who pass through the area, this breaks with the original design of those viewpoints.

The remodeling of this public area began weeks ago, which caused expectation among tourists and porteños.

Rectangular bricks similar to porphyry stone were placed on the steps, due to the wear of the floor.

“Aguas! because some pages on social networks are misinforming the public, saying that the “Heart” of Mazatlán is going to be privatized, that it is going to be a canteen, and there are those who even say that it already has an owner, in short, everything is a lie, as usual”.

Last July, the municipal government said that the statue of José Alfredo Jiménez, which is currently on Paseo Olas Altas, will be installed in that place.

The remodeling of the area would cost 1.6 million pesos, said Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, director of Municipal Public Works.

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