They clean pantheons in Mazatlán, from now on, for the Day of the Dead

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Due to the overgrown weeds reported by the municipal cemeteries due to the rains, personnel from the Directorate of Public Services began the cleaning program in the local cemeteries, an activity that will allow them to be ready for the Day of the Dead, reported David Ibarra Olmeda.

The director of Municipal Public Services stated that they have a special crew of 15 workers from the Department of Parks and Gardens, who are in charge of cleaning and dismantling the municipal cemeteries, who are working extra shifts to speed up this work.

He commented that the cleaning and dismantling program began in the Ángela Peralta cemetery, and this week they began with the work in the cemetery number three, located in the Esperanza neighborhood.

“We have a special crew to start cleaning all the municipal pantheons, and be at 100 and prepared for the Day of the Dead,” he mentioned.

Ibarra Olmeda mentioned that the cleaning program is carried out throughout the year, but in the rainy season, the work is reinforced because the weeds grow due to the humidity in these places.

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Source: from Noroeste Mazatlán on 2022-09-21 15:24:46

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