They link Juan Carlos to criminal proceedings, accused of murdering the baby Alexander in Los Mochis

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Sinaloa Hoy
Sinaloa Hoy

Juan Carlos «N», accused of beating a 2-year-old boy to death in Los Mochis was linked to criminal proceedings yesterday by a judge from the Regional Headquarters of Accusatory Criminal Justice and Oral North Zone.

It was determined that the accused spend 2 months in preventive detention while additional investigations are carried out and the defense is prepared.

Juan Carlos’ lawyer, Carlos Enrique Olguín Álvarez, commented that there are elements necessary to revoke the accusations, so they will seek to go to federal court.

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We respect the judge’s decision, but we do not share it, we believe that legally there are elements for it to be revoked, we are going to go to the federal courts.

Carlos Enrique Olguin Alvarez.

It should be remembered that 2-year-old Alexander died in recent days due to severe head trauma, allegedly caused by Juan Carlos, who was the minor’s stepfather.

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