Will Grupo Firme give a mega concert in Mazatlán? check the plan

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Mazatlán. – Get ready! In January, a concert will be held in which the best regional Mexican bands will participate, as announced by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who announced that said event will be to raise funds to build the Plaza de la Banda project.

He indicated that he has already summoned the best groups in Mazatlán and other exponent artists of the genre, to donate a concert, and thus join the cause.

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“First we promised to do an event to raise funds, that’s why I invited the big bands from Mazatlán, which are the best in the world, to donate a concert to start; It is scheduled for approximately mid-January, it is not easy, because all the bands, the most important, coincide on a date and do not forget that the intention is to recognize Sinaloa music”.

The municipal president pointed out that there is still no date for when the work on the new tourist attraction could begin, but the concert is already scheduled to take place in January 2023.

“Hopefully that concert will be given soon, that people will attend, it will be charged, it will not be free, but it will be for a good cause.”

And although the precise resource that is going to be invested to achieve the Plaza de la Banda is not yet available, the mayor explained that they are already sure that open-air concerts will be held there, there will be venues, restaurants and a dedicated museum. to this 100 percent Sinaloan genre.

Which artists would participate? At the moment no name has been revealed, but let us remember that the mayor has held meetings with members of the MS Band and Edwin Caz, the latter is the vocalist of Grupo Firme, a singer with whom he posted a photograph on networks.

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