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Thanks to the diffusion what was done in social networks, a young woman Mazatlán student managed to recover a laptop that she had forgotten on a seat in one of the units of the urban transport.


On September 14, a young woman was aboard a bus belonging to the Trucking Alliance specifically in the Sábalo-Centro route and when you get off the unit she left her computer forgotten on the seat.

In a video captured by the bus’s security camera, it can be seen that a minute later an adult couple, apparently tourists, got on board, as they were wearing an identification bracelet like the ones given in hotels.

Realizing that this object had been forgotten, they take it, they change places and minutes later they get off the unit; In the images it can be seen that they carry the briefcase of the electronic device.

The young woman, realizing that she had lost her laptop, asked the Alliance for help to try to recover it. Through social networks the fact was spread and the collaboration of the community was requested to find the whereabouts of the people who had stayed with her.


A few days ago the Facebook page of the transport organization shared a publication in which they report that, after the broadcast of the video, the couple had returned the laptop.

The president of the Trucking Alliance, Faustino Chavez urges passengers that in case of finding any valuable object in the units it be delivered to the driver and made available to users by calling 6691769065 to request information or to denounce or report similar cases.

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