The ‘Agustina Monterde Lafarga’ Medal is delivered to the president of Lost Treasures. Until We Find Them, Irma Arellanes

Friday 7 October, 2022
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MAZATLÁN._ In a solemn session, the Cabildo de Mazatlán delivered this Thursday afternoon the Medal or Award for Female Merit “Agustina Monterde Lafarga” 2022 to the president of the Lost Treasures group of Mazatlán trackers. Until we find them, Irma Arellanes Hernández, for her work in support of families to locate their missing loved ones.

“The award is not for me, I dedicate it to my colleagues, because there are colleagues who are worth it, really, because they are 100 with one because they want to find their children, because they walk at the time I tell them , listen, there is a report, let’s go, yes, yes, let’s go, this award for me is also for all my colleagues,” said Arellanes Hernández after receiving the award and medal from Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

“We have always said: we are not looking for guilty, we are looking for our children.”

The honoree was accompanied by her daughter Noemí Guadalupe Cortez Arellanes and members of the group of trackers she heads and personnel from the State Search Commission of the State of Sinaloa.

In his message, the Municipal President recalled that Arellanes Hernández began the search after the disappearance of his son Irving Alán Cortez Hernández in 2017 and decided to form a group of admirable people who carry out this search for so many relatives who live in the uncertainty of not knowing Where are your relatives?

“In the high and noble interest of extolling the participation of women in this Municipality who have distinguished themselves with their work, effort and dedication in the community, this City Council has instituted the ‘Agustina Monterde Lafarga’ Award for Female Merit”, added Benítez Torres. about the honoree.

“Irma has shown that with her own means, which is part of the admiration, she has moved heaven, sea and earth to be able to locate the bodies of many people, not only her son Alain and give families peace of mind regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones, the Lost Treasures collective. She up to her Finding them she has done the most finds of clandestine graves in this city, in this state.”

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Source: from Noroeste Mazatlán on 2022-10-06 19:24:31

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