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Thursday 3 November, 2022
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Mexican transport business chambers, as well as their highest representative, the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN), seek to establish a dialogue with the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) to address the problems generated in the secretariat after having been the victim of a hack.

Through a statement, the companies requested to install, as soon as possible”, an interdisciplinary working group, with representation from all the Chambers and Associations involved in the manufacture, import, distribution, leasing, cargo and passenger transport, for the design of actions that lead to the development of solutions to the contingency that it faces today, thus taking care to preserve compliance with the regulation on the matter and guarantee legal certainty and legality for the entire Sector.

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“CONCAMIN and the National Chambers of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA); Freight Motor Carrier (CANACAR), National Passenger and Tourism Motor Carrier (CANAPAT), as well as the National Associations of Producers, it is expected that in the next few hours the work table will be set up to find solutions that allow the motor carrier to work without any contingency .of Buses, Trucks and Tractor Trucks (ANPACT); Mexican of the Automotive Industry (AMIA); National Private Transport (ANTP); Mexican Automobile Distributors (AMDA) the National Autotransport Industry (INA); The National Confederation of Mexican Carriers (CONATRAM), as well as the Mexican Association of Vehicle Rental Companies (AMAVE) urge the authorities to work in coordination to solve this problem,” they stated in their press release.

They added that it is important to mention that the SICT authorities and the affected parties are holding talks and it is expected that in the next few hours the work table will be set up to find solutions that allow the motor carrier to work without any contingency.

“CONCAMIN reiterates its willingness to dialogue and find solutions in coordination with federal, state and municipal authorities for the benefit of Mexicans,” the industrial chambers indicated.

In an agreement published in the evening edition of the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), the SICT indicated that the procedures and permits of the air and motor transport sectors are suspended for the remainder of the year.

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“For reasons of force majeure, the terms and deadlines of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation and the Federal Civil Aviation Agency are suspended, from October 24, 2022 to December 31, 2022”, says the document.

It was just on October 24 when the agency announced that it was the victim of a cyber attack. The person in charge of the SICT office, Jorge Nuño, reported last week that 110 computers had been compromised.

Due to this, the Secretariat adhered to the Homologated National Protocol for Cyber ​​Incident Management and implemented actions to safeguard systems and information, including the suspension of procedures.

In terms of civil aeronautics, the procedures related to authorizations, permits, programs, accreditations, issuance of licenses and capacity certificates issued or granted by the AFAC are suspended.

The General Directorate of Federal Motor Transport suspended the procedures for the issuance and renewal of the Federal Driver’s License, as well as the procedures for the issuance of permits for federal motor transport, private transport and its ancillary services.

Permits that expire on these dates will be automatically extended until December 31, the agency added.

CAINTRA Nuevo León concerned about the suspension of procedures for motor transport

The impacts that may result in the distribution of supplies and merchandise that are required daily by industry, commerce and consumed by families in México; in delaying the entry of new vehicles to the sector, and consequently putting more pressure on inflation towards the end of the year are not minor, says the Chamber of the Transformation Industry, when setting its position on the federal decision.

“México is going through an economic recovery and we are on the verge of a time of high consumption that requires a strong mobilization of merchandise. Every day there is a need for more trucking service that can meet the national demand and that of global chains; That is why the decision to temporarily suspend the terms and deadlines in the SICT confuses the sector by putting the supply to production and consumption centers at risk,” he said.

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CAINTRA made a call to the federal authorities involved to generate an emerging plan for early or parallel reactivation that would allow the processing of procedures to be maintained.

“Stopping the growth of the transport sector for two months would cause a tsunami of paperwork and pending as of January 1, 2023, without the ability for the authority and businessmen to have a timely exit in the short term; in addition to the accumulated economic and logistical complications”, warns the body that Rodrigo Fernández Martínez directs as president.

With information from Juan Luis Ramos and David Casas

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