The surprise concert that Fuerza Regida gave in San Bernardino

Wednesday 4 January, 2023
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The musical group Regulated Force part of a new wave of artists reinventing traditional Mexican corridos for Gen Z sensibilities they launched a new double album: “Pa’ que hablan” and “Sigan hablando” musical production with which they closed their 2022 with a flourish, one of the best years they have had since the formation of the band.

To celebrate this highly anticipated release, Regulated Force made up of Jesús Ortiz Paz (voice), José García (tuba), Samuel Jaimez (requinto) and Khrystian Ramos (six-string guitar), surprised their fans with an impromptu show from the roof of a store in San Bernardino, California, United States. In this mini concert, they performed several of the new songs from the double album, as well as “Mi neighbourhood”, one of their most popular songs and a tribute to the streets that saw the vocalist grow up.

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Surrounded by thousands of people who arrived at the parking lot of “La Noria Market” between N Mount Street and Vernon Avenue in San Bernardino, California, the members of Fuerza Regida went up to the roof of the commercial establishment to share their music; echoing that famous concert “The Rooftop” by The Beatles, the concert that the band improvised on the roof of their recording studios in London in 1969. “This is my house, I remember when I used to come to this store without a five and thank God with a lot of work and effort, things are happening,” said Jesús Ortiz Paz, also known as JOP.

Released under the Rancho Humilde record label, “So they talk” Y “keep talking” is the tenth Fuerza Regida album and the second that they release in the last hours of a year, something that apparently will become a habit for the young people of San Bernardino, California, since their previous album “From the ranch to here – Vol. 2”, was published on the 31st of December 2021, having to this day, more than 370 million views only on Spotify.

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In 2022, Fuerza Regida established itself as one of the most recognized bands in Mexican urban music, by successfully carrying out his concert tour in the main arenas of the United States. “From the neighborhood to here” was produced by Live Nation and Rancho Humilde Entertainment; included 19 dates, 12 of which sold out within days of being announced. It is worth mentioning that this tour was attended by more than 150 thousand people.

On the other hand, regarding his double album “Pa’ que hablan” and “Sigan hablando” it is made up of 26 songs, which include collaborations with renowned Mexican music artists today: Junior H, Edén Muñoz, Natanael Cano, Calle 24, Grupo Frontera, Santa Fe Klan, Marca MP, Tito y Su Torbellino, Eslabón Armado and Edición Especial.

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