The MOST DIFFICULT Handmade Pasta (and our wild search for the secret)

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We’ve shown Eva making a ton of handmade pasta over the years: everything from the simplest tagliatelle to mind-blowing Sardinian culurgiones. I think it’s safe to say that she knows how to make fresh pasta.

However, there’s ONE type of handmade pasta that’s so difficult, she’s never been able to successfully make it despite trying many times. The secret behind it lies in an isolated and mysterious Italian community, so we headed there to see what we could find.

And boy, we found a LOT more than we bargained for… Hope you guys enjoy our wild pasta adventure!


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00:00 – Searching for the Most DIfficult Handmade Pasta
01:50 – Welcome to the North… of the South
02:30 – Civita, Calabria
03:41 – Our Wild Albanian Dinner
05:25 – The Prince
09:19 – Chilly Civita
10:32 – Making Dromsa
13:34 – Making Shtridhelat
18:29 – Cooking the Dromsa
20:36 – Trying the Dromsa
21:42 – Cooking Shtridhelat
22:56 – Trying the Shtridhelat


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