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Wednesday 18 January, 2023
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Culiacán, Sin.- we don’t have people not located either missing after the facts criminal occurred last Thursday, January 5 as consequence of the arrest of Ovid Guzman Lopez in the syndicate of Jesus Maria north of Culiacán, revealed Ruben Rocha Moya, Governor of the State of Sinaloa.

The state president confirmed that they do not exist before the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), complaints of people missing so far 2023 in the entity.

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“There are not neither a alone complaint of disappearance on January 5, even so far this year not there is no single complaint of disappearance on the prosecution”.

It should be remembered that in his weekly conference on January 9, the governor of the state, Rubén Rocha Moya, affirmed that there was no record of the disappeared persons during the violent events of Thursday, January 5, but it was on Monday, January 16, when he returned to reaffirm the Sun of Sinaloa that there are no missing persons before the FGE during the violent events, and not so far in 2023.

However the Search Collective to Missing Persons told the sun of Sinaloa that at least 20 people have approached said group requesting help since they have a relative who disappeared during the culiacanazo.

“We at least have knowledge of 20 people missing which are the (families) that have approached with us” declared María Isabel Cruz, leader of the collective.

The mother seeker Y Leader of collective shared that these families have not reported to the State Attorney General’s Office because they fear reprisals from groups of the delinquency organized or in another case of authorities situation for which they have decided to go to the collective to ask for help in location and search for their missing relatives.

Before this situation the sun of Sinaloa exposed to Governor Rubén Rocha Moya the problematic that exists to which he replied that they need to report it to the corresponding authorities in order to to intervene on the search of these people since not having one complaint official nothing can be done and they are not counted as not located either.

We need that put the complaint to help them look for them because that is a obligation of the state, look for people who are missing and I invited them to come file the complaint and say my family member ‘x’, has not appeared since the day or the day after they file the complaint”.

The executive emphasized that they must present a complaint with the data corresponding to the day of disappearance to carry out the search since it is the obligation of the state to do so.

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