Are you a fan of the universe? Check out the astronomical phenomena of 2023

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México CITY.- The astronomical phenomena that will occur in 2023 will have a great impact, according to the researcher at the Institute of Astronomy of the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM), José Franco.

From meteor showers, to the passage of a comet in its trajectory at its closest point to the sun, they can be witnessed in the sky. The best thing is that they will be visible from anywhere in the national territory.

According to an article published by the UNAM, the next annular eclipse will be recorded on October 14, it is so named because the moon will not cover the entire solar disk.

«When the Moon is in its furthest position from the Earth, its apparent size is smaller and, therefore, its diameter is smaller than that of the Sun and it does not cover the star completely, leaving a ring when the maximum of the eclipse and is called annular.

Where will it be visible and at what time?

The expert pointed out that the phenomenon will begin in the Pacific Ocean and will enter the American continent at the height of Oregon, United States, then it will move through the North American territory to the south to exit through the Texas area and enter the Gulf of México.

Later, it will arrive in México through Campeche around 10:45 am and from there it will continue south across Calakmul. In the same way, it can be seen in part of Quintana Roo and Belize to continue through Central America, Brazil and end in the Atlantic.

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Franco also recommended using sunglasses to watch the eclipse, since it is a daytime phenomenon, therefore, you must see the sun directly and this could cause severe damage such as blindness, in the worst case.

However, this will be the only astronomical event that will take place during the day because the meteor showers, comets and planetary conjunctions will take place at night and can be seen without much problem.

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