Chinese New Year 2023: The Year of the Rabbit and its rituals begins

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Mazatlán. – The Chinese New Year has already begun, the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. This year is ruled by the Water Rabbit.

The Chinese New Year celebrations extend for four days, both in the country and in small communities that inhabit around the world. They are considered the most important days of the year, they usually represent a great mobility of people, since they take the opportunity to visit and reunite with their families.

The Chinese calendar is based on the phases of the Sun and the Moon, and is governed by the second new Moon after the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, beginning a new lunar year.

Why rabbit?

The sign of the rabbit, which is the fourth of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, represents skill, ingenuity and prosperity in the culture of the Asian country.

Those born during the year of the water rabbit will enjoy good fortune and a peaceful mind during their lives, according to tradition.

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How to celebrate Chinese New Year 2023

Traditions suggest starting the year by doing deep cleansing, both inside, in our body, and outside, in the home.

year of the rabbit

Rituals you can perform

* Ritual of coins for savings and prosperity: on New Year’s Day we place two coins in a red bag. The next day, we put in two more. And the next time, we do the same thing again. After a week we place the bag in a visible place and every day we add a coin to it.

* Ritual of rice: for the Chinese, rice is the most precious food, carrier of numerous nutrients for life. From Friday and for ten days, a tablespoon of rice can be placed in a pot. On the tenth day, light a white candle next to the rice, perform an act of gratitude and then prepare it to later incorporate it into a meal.

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