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For the Spanish urban duo Adexe y Nau, the music that is composed in México is simply art. So much so that what will be his newest single cry you a river it was produced here.

“The music that is made here is always great songs, especially in the sense of singing at the top of our lungs. There are examples of Luis Miguel, Alejandro Fernández, Carlos Rivera or Reik. There are several songs that are remembered throughout our country, because at the end of the day in México they are super passionate about music and we love it,” says Adexe, in an interview with The Sun of México and points out that his interest in our music goes back generations.

Both musicians explain that this Mexican influence in their songs is not only palpable with this new single, but also in previous songs, such as the beast which combines cumbia and urban rhythms, but which in its ultimate sense is a kind of tribute to the adventurer a well-known song in the voice of Pedro Fernández.

“The truth is that we carry this music with us a lot and we believe that there really is a lot of talent. That is why we would love to spend more time in México when it comes to composing and experimenting with different sounds. The regional music they make in México is incredible, very beautiful”, adds Nau.

This is how, after performing at the National Auditorium, the duet from the Canary Islands has chosen México to announce this new material, which will be released on February 20.

“The truth is that it is a rather sad song, with a lot of heartbreak. In her spite emerges, that saying ‘I would like to be with you, but I prefer not to be because it hurts me a lot; I’d rather cry a river for not being with you than drown in the sea of ​​your lies”, explains Adexe

Both singers emphasize that one of the particularities of this song – of which they gave a small preview on TikTok – is the fusion of various genres, mainly that of “sad rock”, which evolves until it blurs with urban rhythms.

“Music, even if it makes you remember certain painful things, usually makes people happy, because it is life. I really like what we do to merge various genres, because it is creating a new one from what is already well-founded. It seems to me that music is going towards that”, said Adexe, who welcomes the fact that these rhythms have once again positioned the Spanish within the music industry of different countries.

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The Spaniards also appreciate the reception of the Mexican public: “The top one of all our social networks is México and it looks beyond, the airport when we come is always full. The support, euphoria and love that they give us is something very beautiful. The concert in the Auditorium was a party, we hope to come again, because México is already our second home”, confessed Adexe.

With the release of cry you a river A video will also be published which, according to the singers, will be new to their followers in terms of format. This change also refers to the intentions they have to find new ways to adapt and make new music that they hope to share in our country with a record.

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