IMSS in Mazatlán will adapt access to people with wheelchairs or some disability

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MAZATLÁN._ In the Hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, an access will be adapted in the garden on its north side so that people in wheelchairs or with a disability can enter and exit there, said leaders of the Canacintra Mazatlán.

In this way, they will not get off and board vehicles in front of said hospital on Avenida Ejército Mexicano to clear the preferential lane for urban passenger transport, said the president and the secretary of the Board of Directors of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry. in Mazatlán, Helena Larsen and Sergio Rojas, respectively.

”The circuit will be created that is the street that goes around Seguro (Armada de México street), it will be signposted and on one side, which has been the one next to the Modern Pharmacy, there they will go down, but They are going to adapt that sidewalk, they are going to signpost it and Social Security was asked to make an access there where the planters are so that they can directly reach the entrance of the IMSS,” said Sergio Rojas, who this Tuesday morning participated in a review of the area near said hospital due to the implementation of the preferential lane.

Helena Larsen stressed that the IMSS is collaborating in this working group for the preferential lane project for urban transport, which is in its pilot stage, to make everything more accessible to people who are going to enter the IMSS.

“They would go around the street and get off just as he commented, next to Moderna pharmacies and the IMSS is going to make an adaptation so that people in wheelchairs or with a certain disability can now enter the Medical Unit,” reiterated the President of the Canacintra Mazatlán Delegation.

Sergio Rojas also specified that in the case of the taxi site, it was already in front of where the Banco Santander branch is currently located, so where the battery parking lots of said branch were, it was already done without batteries and will be a space for taxis, but they will park there parallel to Avenida Ejército Mexicano, not in battery or diagonal so as not to obstruct the preferential lane.

Due to the measurements of the vehicles, it was no longer possible to leave that place as a parking lot for the other units that were parked in battery or diagonally, since they invaded the space that is now for the preferential lane.

”It was mentioned in some media that the place or place for taxis had been left right there, that how would the preferential lane be if there were taxis, it is not true, the place for taxis was put to one side where it is Santander and the pharmacy and that it is if you look a little inwards, with the measures to place the cars horizontally, not in battery, in battery they already blocked the traffic of the three lanes ”, added the leaders of Canacintra.

They also said that Municipal Public Works has already promised to put up the signage, especially in the IMSS circuit, so that people know where to go, where to unload vulnerable people, who are people who cannot walk long distances, but they have to get off there and have the entrance to the IMSS Hospital.

In addition, they expressed that the tenants of the Mazatlán National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism who have demonstrated against the preferential lane are being invited to dialogue since the project is for the common good.

”With something greater that has to do with mobility in Mazatlán, we are already very saturated and if we go towards the order of the mobility pyramid, the one that has priority above all is the pedestrian, from there the cyclists follow, then we have all the emergency vehicles such as the Red Cross, Firefighters, then public transport, and at the end, after cargo transport, etc., there are private vehicles”, specified Helena Larsen.

“Only by following the mobility pyramid, there is no doubt that those who have priority are buses over any private vehicle.”

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