Rick Bayless Oaxacan Black Mole

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Making black mole is an undertaking, one that folks in México often spread over three days. The first day is for collecting, measuring and doing the preliminary steps of preparation—the cleaning, toasting, roasting and such—or what in the professional kitchen is called mise en place, setting everything in its place so that the cooking will go smoothly. I’ve labeled those steps Basic Preparations below. The cooking often takes place on the second day, followed by serving on the third day. That’s the way we make this version in our restaurants. It’s a compilation of years of Oaxaca exploration and stove-side experience—classic, deeply satisfying and awesome, but not too baroque (some recipes have nearly 40 ingredients).

Get the recipe 👉 https://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/oaxacan-black-mole/


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