America has one of its worst tournament starts in the Clausura 2023 of Liga MX

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The America club is going through a difficult time at the beginning of the Closing 2023 since after having finished as leaders of the last tournament, now this start is having a hard time under the orders of the Technician Fernando Ortiz.

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The Eagles started this contest with three draws an unprecedented situation in short tournaments and it is already one of the worst starts for the club since this system of competitions was established, after three days played.

The pupils of Tano Ortiz They have not been able to play effective football and have had to settle for three draws, two at their own home. On matchday 1 they were 0-0 with the Queretaro the worst team ever Opening 2022. On Date 2 they divided points with the Toluca (2-2) in the Nemesio Diez Stadium and finally tied 2-2 with the Puebla on the field of Aztec stadium so they barely add three points.

This is the sixth time that those from Coapa have only added three units in three games, but the difference from the other tournaments, the America He achieved them with a victory and not pure draws.

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However, if it is necessary to point out the worst start of the tournament of the Eagles that occurred in the Closing 2017. under the orders of Ricardo Antonio La Volpe the bluecreams they lost in the first three rounds against jaguars (2-0), Toluca (2-1) and tigers (4-1). Despite this, the board kept the Argentine and failed to qualify for the league finishing in ninth position with 24 points.

This zero point participation is followed by four competitions in which the Eagles they barely added a unit until Date 3, but the most recent occurred in the Closing 2022 with the argentinian santiago solari. Those of Coapa barely tied with the Puebla (1-1) and then fell to the Mazatlán (2-1) and Atlas (2-0).

On the other side of the coin are the Opening 2002 and Opening 2014in which the America he had a perfect start with three wins. The first with Mario Carrillo in front and the second with Anthony Mohammed.

Worst starts for America after three days

winter 96

1 win and 2 losses: 3 points

winter 97

1 win and 2 losses: 3 points

winter 2000

1 win and 2 losses: 3 points

Opening 2003

2 losses and a tie: 1 point

Closing 2006

2 losses and a tie: 1 point

Closing 2007

1 win and 2 losses: 3 points

Closing 2011

2 losses and a tie: 1 point

Opening 2015

1 win and 2 losses: 3 points

Closing 2017

3 losses: 0 points

Closing 2018

1 loss, 2 draws: 2 points

Closing 2022

1 draw, 2 losses: 1 point

Closing 2023

3 draws: 3 points

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