Another man accused of managing the news website is released

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José Alberto Benítez has been deprived of his liberty since the end of December. Like him, Fernando Moreno, Alan García and Jesús Pintor were reported missing.

More than three weeks after being deprived of his freedom José Alberto Benítez Santos was released. The young man from Guerrero He was detained after his captors – alleged members of a criminal group – mistakenly identified him as an administrator of the news page Warm stage which was dedicated to publishing organized crime issues.

For those same reasons, Fernando Moreno Villegas, Alan García Aguilar and Jesús Pintor Alegre were reported as missing since the end of December 2022. Despite the fact that even non-governmental organizations spoke out about it, it was unknown that there was a fourth victim in this case: Alberto Benítez.

It was in the early hours of Sunday, January 22, when the release of Benítez Santos was announced, who commented to local media that the people who they held him for 28 days They left him in the curve known as “Changata”, located in the Tierra Caliente region, in Guerrero. And he clarified:

“The reason they took me was because they told me that I was a member of the Escenario Calentano page. Investigations were made and it turned out that I had nothing to do with that page

José Alberto Benítez explained to API Guerrero which was on Sunday December 25 of last year when he went shopping in the city of Arcelia. On that occasion, “unknown persons” intercepted him, blindfolded him, they put him in a van and they took him to a place he has not been able to identify. He stayed there for almost a month until it was found that he was not an administrator of Warm stage for which he was released.

“I want to clarify that I am not a reporter, I am not a journalist”, explained the young man from Guerrero. He explained that he started working at the Arcelia City Council in the area of ​​social communication at the invitation of Fernando Moreno (another of the men detained and who was later identified as a chemist). After his release, Alberto Benítez was able to meet with friends and acquaintances.

In addition to Benítez Santos, Fernando Moreno, Alan García and Jesús Pintor were reported missing since December 27. On January 7, a video began to be broadcast on the page Warm stage in which two of them appeared shackled hand and foot.

“We are here paying the consequences of publications that were carried out against people from the region of Tierra Caliente, the State of México, Michoacán and Guerrero”, explained Fernando Moreno in the audiovisual material. Meanwhile, Alan García indicated that the Facebook site was created by himself five years ago.

Later, between the night of January 11 and the early morning of January 12, both Moreno and Pintor Alegre they were released near Coyuca, Guerrero. The first commented to local media that he is not a journalist, but a parasitologist biologist chemist, and that his deprivation of liberty had been a confusion. On his part, his partner denied being an administrator of Warm stage.

Until now the whereabouts of Alan García are unknown, who remains as disappeared. According to the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Periodistas Desplazados México, the criminal group behind these events originates from Guerrero although it is presumed that it would be La Familia Michoacana due to the publications that were made about said criminal organization.

After that on the page Warm stage the video of Fernando Moreno and Alan García chained up was disseminated, no further publications of any kind have been made.

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