Chihuahuans in favor of a military government

Tuesday 24 January, 2023
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Juarez City.- Up to 41 percent of the Chihuahuans consulted by the National Survey of Civic Culture said they were in favor of a government headed by the military in the state.

According to the statistical exercise of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), 18 percent of those interviewed said they “strongly agree,” while 23 percent said they “agree” with the idea that for To govern, a government headed by the military is needed.

The states that led this specific response were: Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango, Zacatecas, Sinaloa, Baja California and Baja California Sur.

Even, the age range with the highest percentage in favor of this premise was from 15 to 19 years, with 50 percent. Then it drops almost 10 percentage points in older age ranges, the statistic indicates.

In addition, only 35 percent of the people consulted answered that the Government considers their opinions when making decisions.

While 71 percent considered having knowledge and skills to participate in political activities.

In contrast, at the national level, 62 percent of the Mexicans interviewed preferred a government where everyone participates in decision-making. Followed by the response of a government headed by experts (in health, economy, among other issues) who make the decisions, with 60 percent.

Another fact that the national survey highlights is that at least two out of 10 interviewees “do not know or have not heard what democracy is.” Separating the opinion by gender, in men it is 24.1 percent; the percentage is higher in women, with 26.7 percent.

In the part “Assessment of Democracy”, 67.6 percent of the population of men aged 15 years and over consider that democracy is preferable to any other form of government; but 17.1 percent of women believe that in some circumstances, a non-democratic government may be better.

The National Survey of Civic Culture collects relevant information on the values ​​and practices of citizens with the aim of understanding the involvement of citizens in public affairs, knowing the characteristics of civic culture and the exercise of citizenship by Mexicans, with the objective of designing strategies to promote participation and constructive interaction with authorities and institutions.

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Source: Pavel Juárez / El Diario de Juárez from El Diario on 2023-01-23 07:46:00

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