Doubled, this will be the benefit of fertilizers in Sinaloa

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Mazatlán. – The Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock in SinaloaJaime Montes Salas, reported that fertilizer support for producers will be double the volume of what had been announced by federal authorities.

He mentioned that they currently have 3,000 tons of fertilizers for approximately 25,000 producers who have up to 10 hectares of crops, both for rainfed producers and for irrigation user producers.

“They announced to us that it is going to double the volume that the federal government is going to send to Sinaloa for the benefit of all the producers and right now we are developing all the operational mechanics for the distribution… to anyone who sows their land up to 10 hectares”, he said.

Montes Salas explained that support packages are being made that will be around 150 kilograms of urea, plus 150 kilos of 18-46-0, called DAP, per hectare. Urea is a nitrogen-based fertilizer, while 18-46-0 is phosphorus-based.

“Right now we are doing the registers of all those who have planting permits, there are approximately 25,000 producers who have the requirement to plant their land… We will be starting in the rainy season, of storms, and we will be giving this addition in about two weeks, we will be starting, we are summoning everyone”, he commented.

For his part, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya pointed out that there are warehouses to give to temporary producers, since they will be given their fertilizers when the rainy season begins.

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Northern producers are called to take care of frost crops

Montes Salas called on the agricultural producers of the north of Sinaloa to take care of their crops from the frosts that will be caused by Cold Front Number 27, since damage was reported over the weekend, mainly to corn by Cold Front Number 26.

“Ask farmers to take into account these 3 to 4 days that we will be receiving Cold Front number 27 so that they do not cultivate, because water is what serves as a thermal buffer and the more moisture the soil has, the less effect it has on it. frosts do, it is a measure that we request from everyone”, he said.

In his reports, the state official reported that this weekend the damage was represented in Angostura, Guasave and Ahome, representing partial losses, where corn will be replaced for all those who suffered damage.

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