FITUR, International Tourism Mayor of Mazatlán Opposition Without Candidate

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FITUR, International Tourism

The weekend ended in Madrid, Spain, the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), where countries with a vocation for tourism, international airlines, world hotel businessmen and tourism specialists from all over the world met. The great absentee, after several years with his presence, was Sinaloa and the capital of tourism in this state: Mazatlán.

Beyond the fact that Governor Rubén Rocha Moya does not believe that Europeans, particularly Spaniards, “walk along the Malecón” of the so-called Pearl of the Pacific, by the way the longest and most beautiful in Latin America, the president had his reasons for not allowing a delegation to go due to cuts in spending for social works, which is what interests Rocha the most.

The reports from the Old Continent are that the largest pavilion that was presented at FITUR was that of México (with 105 participants) where the state of Quintana Roo stood out and of course its “jewel in the crown”: Cancun with its great attractions that outshines other tourist destinations due to the incomparable beauties of the Mexican Caribbean.

The states that stood out the most both for the tourist products they offer and for the interest shown by Spanish buyers were Quintana Roo, Oaxaca, Querétaro and Baja California Sur, in these cases connectivity from Europe is well planned (despite only Cancun has direct flights), either through México City, in the case of Oaxaca and Querétaro, or taking advantage of the airports of San Diego and Los Angeles to then end up in Baja California Sur.

It is worth mentioning that Nayarit with its “Riviera Nayarit” brand, which was positioned for years and cost the Nayarit treasury millions of pesos, has fallen resoundingly in international fairs in recent years.

Now Sinaloa and Mazatlán if they don’t get their act together, the same thing can happen. Governor Rocha Moya must take advantage of the presence of Quirino Ordaz Coppel as Mexican ambassador in Spain so that he can be the spearhead not only for tourism throughout the country, but in particular for our state and what they wanted to make fashionable with the “Riviera Mazatleca” and the south of the state.

Sinaloa, along with the Federal Secretary of Tourism, should not only aim their batteries at Canada and the US, but also at the countries of Latin America. Of course! Until today, local and national tourism saves Mazatlán from the seasons of “lice”, but we must take advantage of the opportunities in Europe, with Quirino, in addition to the fact that there is Spanish investment in México, as in Sinaloa and Mazatlán.

Of course, Quirino’s diplomacy and work is more than tourism, but achieving economic meetings with European investors who want to take risks in the state, don’t you think?

Mayor in Mazatlán

América Cynthia Carrasco, councilor of the PAS, lawyer from the UAS Law School, academic and with 10 years in the pasismo, told this portal last week that Mazatlán needs a mayor and that, come electoral times, will be ready for your party.

However, the question is whether Mazatlán society, macho in many ways, is prepared to cast its vote in favor of a woman to obtain this three-year assignment.

In the past there have been women aspiring for the PRI and the PAN, but so far none have arrived.

In the PRI there are very political women like Irma Tirado, Maribel Chollet and Elsy López; in the PAN is Wendy Barajas; in Morena Elsa Isela Bojórquez and in the PAS, without a doubt, that the current councilor is a good prospect to seek to establish herself as an excellent servant in a year and a half and then look to the local presidential chair. América Carrasco was already a candidate for deputy for the XXI local district, although she did not win on that occasion.

A woman who also sounded like Rosario Torres Noriega, but since so many parties have changed, it is no longer known in which ranks it is convenient for her to be a soldier now.

In the last interview when a reporter asks her about the possibility of the Mazatlán chair, she reaffirms: “Of course! It is a valid aspiration that anyone can have and I personally want to continue learning, have a better city and work with dignity for others…”

The young woman does not disdain a deputation either. “I come from a legislative field and I feel that this is going to give me more experience to later go to the executive level, however if they give me the possibility to choose I turn to all sides and I am no less capable than anyone. I have studies in Electoral Law, but the party also prepares us for executive positions and if the PAS gives me the opportunity I will not miss it”.

Mazatlán is prepared for a woman in the Municipal Presidency?, the councilor was questioned.

-“Mazatlán needs a woman mayor; It would be a change in history and we would give an example of how a woman governs one of the most important municipalities in the state of Sinaloa. I am totally convinced…”

Opposition Without Candidate

The PRI leads, with its candidates, the electoral contest in Coahuila and the State of México, but in exchange for signing the Va por México alliance with the PRD and the PAN, the tricolor ceded to the PAN the decision to take the mechanism to elect the best candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, even without neglecting civil society.

However, among the PRI there are well-known legislators and former national leaders who do not agree and it is expected that there will be conflicts next year.

Last year, in the elections held, the main parties, Pan and PRD, almost lost everything; now Morena governs in 22 entities of the country. Since the 2018 presidential elections, the party of the President of the Republic has remained in first place on the political scene and, as things are going, there is still no visible opposition candidate for 2024, everything indicates that the Morena will rise again with presidential power regardless of the candidate that party puts up or imposes.

Both in the PRI, as in the PAN and PRD there are many politicians who want it but they are all very seen or “burned”. The only card that panismo has would be the current president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Santiago Creel Miranda, who by the way was already a presidential candidate and Ricardo Anaya won the internal battle.

PAN senator from Sonora, who arrived by the acronym of Morena To those Chambers, Lilly Téllez, is very excited to compete for the presidential chair, but the leadership of the blue and white does not see her as a consolidated politician and very much given the use of the media, since she was a journalist and the legislator knows the use of the media Communication.

It seems that the PAN would be forced by circumstances to look for its candidate in the so-called civil society. It will not be easy.

The PRI is in similar conditions; It has many “shooters”, but none with the drive to be the sole candidate of the Va por México alliance. Among those who want her are: Senator Beatriz Paredes, Enrique de la Madrid, former Secretary of Tourism; Ildefonso Guajardo, former Secretary of Economy and former member of the national leadership of the tricolor; In addition, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, former federal deputy and former PRI general secretary; and the former governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat.

The PRD that stands out, and that’s because he is a senator, is Miguel Mancera, who was head of the Government of México City.

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