government of Sinaloa will contribute $194 million as guarantees for credits to producers

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Of the 70 million pesos that it was initially agreed that the State Government would contribute to the mutual fund with FIRA to unlock the avío credits that the National Development Fund had granted, finally, by instructions of Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, there will be a total of 194 million pesos. pesos, to serve as a liquid guarantee for more than five thousand producers, not only for the two thousand producers who had already received the first ministration and whose credits were cut short.

This was announced by Governor Rocha himself during his Weekly Conference, who was accompanied by the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock, José Jaime Montes Salas, to explain the increase in the contribution of said mutual fund that the State Government agreed with FIRA (Instituted Trusts in Relation to Agriculture), which initially established the contribution of 70 million pesos from the state and 80 million pesos from FIRA to create a bag of liquid guarantees for 150 million pesos, and which was the solution to the problem that was generated with the suspension of credits by the National Development Bank from 2023.

The state president reported that 2,025 producers had already signed their credit with Financiera Nacional and had received a first administration, when the credits from this government institution were suspended, leaving more than 3,000 producers pending their financing. some that had already signed but had not received any advance and others that had not signed but belong to the regular portfolio of clients that Financiera Nacional financed every year.

Therefore, to ensure credit for all of these more than 5,000 producers, not just the 2,025 who had already received their first administration and have their credit interrupted, Governor Rocha agreed with the director of FIRA, Alan Elizondo. , contribute not 70 million, but 194 million pesos as liquid guarantees to ensure the dispersal of 3 thousand 287 million pesos in credits that producers will receive for this autumn-winter cycle.

“What did we do, first scenario FIRA tells me, if you put 70 million we put 80, but we protect those that are already in progress. So I told him that I am missing those who have already signed and have not received, but the credit is contracted. For that to happen, you need to put 41 million more, I tell you, we will put it in, but for me I not only want those, but I want those who have not signed and who are in the process of signing, pending all the ministrations and that covers the entire spectrum , those who are already receiving and who have their credit alive, those who have already signed, but have not received any administration and those who are pending signing, but who are accredited clients of Financiera”, he said.

“I want to tell you with all that clarification that for everyone, because when I tell you I also want those who have not signed, for everyone you need to put 194 million pesos. I want to inform you, I am telling you and I am also informing the Congress itself that they are reviewing, which I have authorized and gave instructions to the Secretary of Finance, separate this appeal from me, I told you in front of FIRA, you have no doubt that we We are going to contribute, we are going to separate this and we are going to guarantee that, that is, with those 193.3 we round it up to 194, with that we guarantee the credit for everyone, those who have not signed, those who have already signed but have not been given and to those who have already hired him and have received ministrations, then he will continue”, he assured.

It should be noted that this agreement with FIRA to reactivate the credits will be developed with the call of the private banks and SOFOMES, (which add up to a list of 80 institutions, including first-tier banks and SOFOMES) who will be the ones that disperse the resources directly to the producers, but with the clarification that the same current interest rates will be maintained in the cases of the 2 thousand 25 credits that had already been contracted in the National Financial Institution, while for the new credits, they will also be promoted to be the same rates of interest.

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