I am working well, says Secretary of Works of Sinaloa before complaint of opacity

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The Secretary of Public Works of SinaloaJosé Luis Zavala Cabanillas, defended that during his administration there has been openness and transparency, this after his administration was denounced for opacity.

On January 18, the Party of the Democratic Revolution in Sinaloa requested the Superior State Audit Office to investigate the contracts made by the state agency, alleging opacity in them.

“You have to respect all political actors, I am very respectful of all that. We are working like never before,” the state official defended himself.

“I’m not worried because I’m working well.”

The accusations made by the PRD Sinaloa emerge from an investigation carried out by the anti-corruption organization Iniciativa Sinaloa.

The organization filed a complaint with the Internal Control Body of the Ministry of Public Works for irregularities detected in the transparency obligations of the agency and the way to carry out contracts of the decentralized body Precasin.

This complaint is the result of a study carried out by the civil anti-corruption organization, Public Works Transparency Index, an analysis that had previously promoted the Initiative Sinaloa to make a first complaint.

The document indicates the omissions of transparency in the Compranet portal, where a level of compliance of only 10.72 percent was documented.

In addition, the opacity of the works carried out by Prestressed, Concrete and Aggregates of Sinaloaa decentralized body of the state government in charge of road maintenance that has the power to assign without bidding in between.

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