In Rosario, they contemplate investing more than 55 million in public works in 2023 – El Sol de Mazatlán

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Rosario, Sin.- Exceed 55 million pesos inverted last year in public works in the municipality, it is what was projected for this 2023, so it was external Jesus Eloy Manjarrez Mancillas director of Public Works in the municipality of rosary beads.

The official reported that among the resources of the Social Infrastructure Contribution Fund (FAIS) and other items added around 55 million pesos in social benefit works for the rosarenses throughout 2022.

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“Last year it they invested 39 million pesos from the FAIS resource, 16 million pesos were invested from the Mining Fund and some of the Tax Predial Rustic in the rehabilitation of neighborhood roads, there were more than 55 million pesos in 2022 ”.

He noted that for the 2023 I know projects which will be the greater the investment made: “We are minimally talking 47 million of pesos of FAIS and another little more Government of Condition and the mixture is means that can be given with other items”.

He added that the indication of the municipal president, Claudia liliana Valdez aguilar is to project works to benefit sports, paving and drinking water. “All the work that is sensible, the governor (reuben rock Moya) is ordering it to be so and the President is telling me that the budget of the 2023”.

At the end, he stressed that all the public works that began to be built by the municipality in the 2022 was completed in due time and form, clarifying that two streets remain to be delivered in the Juan S Millán neighborhood, which are being exercised by the State, but already have the budget assigned to be settled as soon as it is completed and both pavings are delivered.

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