Los Ángeles Azules – Te Necesito ft. El Polaco

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#TeNecesito is one of the songs from the album “De Buenos Aires Para El Mundo”, which includes hits by Los Ángeles Azules along with special collaborations by prominent Argentine, Chilean and Mexican artists, such as Lali, Vicentico, Abel Pintos, Palito Ortega, Soledad, Ángela Leiva, Ulises Bueno, Américo, Jay de la Cueva, Juan Ingaramo, El Polaco, Marcela Morelo and Pablo Lescano.

These versions, in the form of duets, fuse the distinctive sound of the cumbia from Iztapalapa with the Argentine cumbia, reviewing styles ranging from pop and rock to Argentine folklore, integrating characteristic instruments of Argentine music such as percussion, legüero bass drum, bandoneon, charangos, guitars and synthesizers, which gave this concept its own color. It is a staging that helps us understand cumbia from a Río Plantense sensibility.

#LosAngelesAzules are the essence of cumbia, because being a strong inspiration for many composers around the world, they stand as an institution in the genre and, definitely, this combination will contribute to the universal sound of cumbia, making it sound in a different way. fresh and renewed.

All the material was produced by Rodolfo Lugo and co-produced by Jorge Mejía Avante.

#TeNecesito, like the other videos on the album, were recorded live at the “Unione e Benevolenza” in Buenos Aires, a building built in 1858. The videos were produced by the great technical and human team of Plataforma, under the direction of Diego Alvarez.


We’re here again just you and me
And a God who looks at us and forgives us out of love
Time began to vanish so that the two
Let’s enter a paradise of love

don’t tell me anything woman
That words of love are not needed
I see you worried I know
because i am too

And come closer, now I will remove what your body looks like
And I will kiss you with that passion that I dreamed of last night

And you tell me
I have missed you here so much
Because I’m not the same anymore
Since that day that I gave myself to you
Now I need you to live
Because my mind, body and soul belong to you
Only you

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